Gears a Photography Rookie Should Have

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a camera be it a smartphone, a single lens reflex camera (SLR) or a digital version of it (DSLR). If you are a big fan or an aspiring photographer, you don’t have to buy all the accessories the pros own just to make yourself better at photography. Photography doesn’t come cheap. But as mentioned you don’t have to immediately own all the accessories out there. You only need a few. Once you’ve found your pulse and skill set, that would be a good time to invest in more. Here are some essential gears you need to have if you’re a beginner in photography. 


  1. Prime Lens 

There are a lot of different lenses available for photography. But as a rookie, you can start with a prime lens. A prime lens cannot zoom in and out to focus. Why would I want that, you ask? Because the absence of zoom can help you how to compose your shots and improve your overall skills. 

        2. Tripod 

A tripod is crucial to have. Compared to holding the camera on your own while taking a shot, the camera can shake. This can be an issue if you are taking photos in low light settings and only have a small room of light. A single shake can make or break a photo. A tripod’s stability is what helps address this problem especially when photos are to be taken during the night. Tripods come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. Choose one that isn’t too expensive for a start. 

       3. Remote Shutter 

A remote shutter is a tripod’s good friend. They usually go together to get that shakeless shot to prevent blurring. You have two options for the remote shutter release: wired and wireless. Their name says it all but it doesn’t really matter which one to get. 

     4. Memory Cards 

Most cameras can only be used with a Class 10 SD memory card. They are a little pricier than the regular one, so make sure you take good care of them. You can buy a separate waterproof protector for your memory cards to keep them from getting wet and unusable. It is also better to have a few ones in smaller memories each than have one that has a big memory because if it gets corrupted, then you’re in big trouble. 

       5. Strap 

Although your camera came with its own strap when you purchased it, the strap can be sometimes weak, flimsy, and uncomfortable. Getting a good quality one will guarantee you that your camera will hang safely on your front, back, or side. 

        6. Bag 

There are bags available for your camera, gears, or for both of them. Consider getting a bag for your gears, as well as for your camera if you haven’t already. Your camera will be no good if you don’t have all your gears with you. 


Being a rookie doesn’t mean you can’t take great photos. You just need to always improve your skills. If big events are still too big for you, you can give your friend a more professional recommendation. For weddings, you can contact wedding photography Northern VA for more info.